Broken Angel


She was an angel… craving chaos. He was a demon… seeking peace.

When Nico Mitchell met Lavinia Ross, it was annoyance-at-first-sight. She pushed his buttons, created chaos in her wake, and made him fall in love with the very essence of her soul. He’d never claimed to be a nice man, or even a good man, but none of that mattered to her. When Lavinia believes he’s betrayed her, the anger and retribution are swift and unmistakable. They call him a demon, but he needs his broken angel to soothe his soul.

They were a match made in hell, and their love for each other burned hotter every day.

Lavinia Ross hated Nico Mitchell for what he’d done to her. He’d taken her love and thrown it back in her face, as if it were nothing. As if she were nothing. After everything they’d been through together, his betrayal was unforgivable. Yet, she couldn’t explain the love she still felt for him. Nor the ache in her heart when she thought of the years they spent together. And why the hell does it hurt so much to know that he no longer loves her the way she loves him? Everyone thinks she’s an angel, but she craves her devil’s darkness to tame the beast inside.

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