Everlasting Love


Jamecia was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is now living in Shreveport and it’s kind of hard for her to get with the personalities of these Northern Louisiana folks, especially Jacob. The fact that he’s a smart mouth, arrogant white boy makes matters even worse. Unfortunately, there is no turning back for her. She came to make a better life for herself and she will deal with whatever she has to until that happens.

Jacob Nichols is the best friend of Nathan Stallone Jr. but he’s nothing like Nathan. Jacob loves all things woman and he doesn’t care if she’s white, black, or brown…she just has to be pretty. In all his life, he’d never ran into a pretty woman he didn’t like until he met Jamecia, Nathan’s cousin.

She’s too confident, demanding, mean and down right hateful, if you asked him; but she sings like a heavenly angel.

Not one opportunity passes without her squeezing him for money and because he’s in need of information, he gives her whatever she wants to get what he needs.

Truth is, he secretly can’t stand this girl, while at the same time growing increasingly curious about her.

Will these two continue to bump heads or will their fighting lead them to Everlasting Love?

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