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How would you like help to encourage our readers to pick up your entire series as weekend reading? Our Sunday Spotlight aims to do just that! As always, we’re keeping the prices low and packing in the value.

What you get:

•An exclusive email sent on Sunday, dedicated to your series and including up to 10 books. (If you have more than 10 books in the one series the price is $30)

•A clickable graphic in our Saturday Special Edition and once following your Sunday feature reminding readers to check out your series.

•You can include your first book free, discounted or at full price (obviously readers are more inclined to pick up a free or 99 cent bargain as book one), plus up to 9 books in the same series and they don’t have to be $2.99 or less. We’re happy for books to be on preorder, too, as long as at least the first two are available at the time of your spotlight.

•We’ll share on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

•Your series page stays on our website.

When: Sundays

Cost: $20

The Plan: Fill in the form below. We’ll send an invoice with a tentative date for your series spotlight. Dates are not confirmed until you submit your invoice.

Pay your invoice no later than 5 days before your weekend date and we’ll take it from there.

What books can you submit?

•Books must have an Amazon star rating of 4 stars or higher and have at least 10 reviews. Newer books in the series can have fewer reviews but we’d like to see that at least the first two books have been well received. We want our readers to take our recommendations seriously and know that they are being directed to great diverse romance reads.

•Boxed sets or anthologies are not accepted for this promotion.

•Books should be full length. i.e. Novella or longer, or 100 plus pages on Amazon. Short stories are not suitable for this promotion.

•Books MUST be in a series. We cannot accept a group of books from the same author which are obviously not connected.

Have questions? Contact us HERE.

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