Alone In Miami At 3AM by J. Dominique

Alone In Miami At 3AM by J. Dominique

What happens when fate brings two people together in Magic love City of Miami… a drunken night of pleasure?

Zuri Ross was on a mission to save her marriage, even if that meant doing something completely out of character to please her husband. When she realizes that he isn’t as deserving of her sacrifice as he seems, she’s left feeling a mix of emotions. Hurt and anger being the most prominent. She finds solace at the hotel’s bar, at the bottom of multiple shots. With revenge on her mind, it’s not hard to fall into the arms of another man who just might be everything she didn’t know she needed.

Shai A’santi just wanted to be left alone. After a betrayal of his own, he’s in Miami waiting for the smoke to clear from a hasty decision. A late-night drink brings the rich bachelor in contact with the beautiful Zuri Ross, and he’s immediately enamored by her. After finding out about their similar situations, he decides that a night of pleasure could be the answer to mend both their broken hearts.

When Sevyn Ellis finds out her best friend is in trouble, she drops everything and jumps on a flight to come to the rescue. Having a few marital issues of her own, she plans to let loose, and when she runs across Shai’s cousin, Zaakir A’sante, he seems like just the person to help her. Will one night of passion change the course of both their futures?

Zaakir A’sante was just out to have a good time while making sure his cousin was staying out of trouble. But as soon as he laid eyes on the mysterious Sevyn, he knew he had to have her. She was different from any woman he’d ever encountered and wasn’t trying to force things to be more than what they were. Not used to a woman being so nonchalant, Zaakir finds himself wanting to know more about her, and the more he finds out, the more he wants to know. When feelings get involved where they shouldn’t, will the pair take the leap and admit their feelings for one another?

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