Waiting on You by Monica Walters

Waiting on You by Monica Walters

Love is patient… Love is kind… Two unlikely hearts discover they are beating for the other.

Rylan Douglas, a calf roper and assistant CFO for Henderson Ranch and Farms, finds himself in a predicament. He’s fallen in love with a woman eight years his junior. That wouldn’t be a problem if they were older. While she’s an adult, he’s still hesitant about pursuing her. He doesn’t want anyone to think he’s taking advantage of her, especially since she’s extremely trusting of him. Her intellectual disability makes her even more vulnerable. However, he can’t seem to move on because he knows his heart belongs to her.

Angel Warner longs to feel love from a man and be cherished by him. That man enters her life when she’s eighteen years old, and she’s adamant about him, one day, being hers. Her mother and stepfather are extremely protective of her, and her mother has sheltered her for her entire life. Her naivety and innocence make her seem childlike, and she knows it’s because of her intellectual delays. However, she doesn’t let down syndrome keep her from living. It simply makes her different. Knowing that Rylan sees past that and sees her heart only makes her long for him more.

Years blow by, and Rylan and Angel have a strong bond, but Rylan refuses to leave the friendzone he’s put them in because of the age gap. When he does try to give in to what he’s feeling for Angel, opposition halts them before they can begin. With both of them avoiding drama at all costs, how will they be together when drama is eminent? Will they choose peace and be miserable or will they choose to fight for what they feel is meant to be?

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