Feuding with a Silver Fox by Blaire Wilde


He’s my boss with a gaze that strips away my defenses,
and threatens to expose my deepest secrets.

Nicholas Stewart is an orgasm in a tailored suit.
He’s a billionaire CEO that oozes control, power, and single dad?
And lately visions of my demanding boss have invaded my dreams.

I’m the curvy temp with secrets that could unravel everything.
They’re not deadly, but in the fragile world of corporate intrigue, they’re just as dangerous.
With one foot outside his doors I do something stupid.

I propose a weekend to get each other out of our systems.

Bold? I know.
Insane? Absolutely.
What do I have to lose? Everything.

But he’s a man who seems to challenge all the reasons I remain hidden.
Beneath his skilled touch I find myself willing to risk it all.
To see if this chemistry between us is real.

Turns out, close quarters only amplify the tension.

But just when I think I've got a handle on this, my secrets start to unravel.
Threatening to shatter our temporary truce.
This was supposed to simplify things, but now I'm questioning everything.

Like why I ever thought he’d let me walk away without a fight.

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