Anxious Love


She sticks to the shadows. He’s exploding onto the gridiron. Will exposing each other’s inner fears tear them apart of unlock a happily ever after?

Sought-after romance author Leah Jones only feels alive when she writes. Plagued with debilitating anxiety, the agoraphobic woman pens her dreams of true love between the pages. So she’s taken aback when one of her rare, trigger-free outings results in a date with a hunky football star.

Ryan Ware’s career is taking off. Entering the pros as a first-round draft pick, he’s soaking up every wild moment of glorious fame. But a shy writer’s beautiful brown eyes send everything into slow motion, compelling him to wrap his huge arms around her and keep her safe forever.

Held back for years by painful sexual trauma, Leah is finally comfortable enough to explore her long-neglected body. And though Ryan wants to help ease her out of her shell, he has no idea the fate of their future together lies on the razor’s edge of truth.

Will exposing each other’s inner fears tear them apart or unlock a happily ever after?

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