Blind to the Truth


Love is blind… But the truth is not.
Now all I need is one night to make Michaela mine.

The tremble in her sultry tone cuts through the banquet hall. Hundreds of Texas elite gather on a Friday night vying for attention, notoriety, and donations.

I doubt anyone else heard it. All they hear is the thread of steel running through each word as Retired Major Michaela Lewis champions therapy and resources for wounded veterans.

The quiver bends my ear and grabs my heart as they auction off a date with Major Lewis.

I want her.

A woman I'll never be able to see, but I have a vivid enough imagination to know she's beautiful. All I need is a chance to convince her to see past my shortcomings.

Vision isn't everything. I'm a billionaire. I’m driven, resourceful, and if that doesn't work, I come with a flirting German Shepherd.

Determination sends my paddle in the air. Three words elicit a hush over the room and make my intentions known.

One. Million. Dollars.

Because I’m confident. All I need is one night to make Michaela mine.

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