Book Review: Sensitivity


Genuine Love and Reciprocity!

“Over the years, I’d managed to dilute my vulnerability, conceal my pain and deal with my feelings alone. I was merely a shell of the woman that I’d entered the relationship as.” -Gem

So many women sacrifice themselves, giving their all for and to “men” who don’t, or aren’t capable of doing the same for them. Then, those same men somehow manage to turn the tables and make them feel guilty for wanting something they deserve. They wake up one day to find that they’ve wasted valuable time, suffocating under the pressure of smothering their true selves…that is until they decide, “enough of this BS!” This allows the space and opportunity for a woman like that to be in the right place to meet the right MAN…one who is more than capable of returning the love, affection, and attention she wants and deserves.

This was short, but mannnn did it pack quite a punch to the chest! I sat up and cheered for Gem when she decided enough was enough with Keaton. I have to tell you, men like him make me want to utilize my throat-punching skills. He was so cavalier about Gem’s feelings and what she was trying to say! Like bruh, 5 years?! Really?! That’s how you’re going to treat her?! That sh** was frustrating as hell!

But then there was Cavali aka Cap! Listen, Gem may have wasted so much time on a man who wasn’t worth it, but look where–and who–it led her to. Cavali knew that Gem more than woman lived up to her name. Like a precious jewel that catches your eye through the glass, Gem’s presence and spirit must have called out to Cavali and said, “she’s the one.” He was captivated by her the moment they met, and he had no qualms about letting her know it and feel it. I did think that things moved rather quickly between Gem and Cavali for my tastes, but–holy smokes–they had me mesmerized. The way Cavali seemed to hone in on Gem’s feelings and insecurities, and then said exactly what was needed to put her mind at ease each and every time made my heart turn over in my chest.

That little hiccup in their short-lived relationship had a sista like me a bit nervous, and I didn’t blame Gem one iota for her reaction. After all, they did dive into this love thing pretty quickly. She did what she had to do for her, and in a way, it made me cheer that she was no longer putting her feelings on the back burner for a man. But Cavali was not about to lose his precious gem, err Gem, and left no stone unturned in seeking her out and getting her back. Whew, child! I loved it!

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