Cruel Affections by Kelani Knox

Cruel Affections by Kelani Knox

I’m being forced to marry a dangerous mafia man…
And I’m thrilled.

A little bit of eavesdropping doesn’t hurt, right? Wrong.
It gave me front row seat to the Cappalletti’s most private affairs.

And there’s no going back.

What I know could start a mafia war.
They don’t trust me to keep my mouth shut.

It’s either marry Dom…
...Or die.

I know I should be terrified. Being shackled to a made man isn’t a life I’d expected.
But there’s a growing need inside of me…

And he’s the only one that can satisfy it.

I’m exactly what he needs…

And I’ll do anything to prove it to him.

Chance may have made Dom my husband…

But choice made him my destiny.

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