Diablo Inside


A monster grips the city in his iron fist.
The media calls him El Santo.
I prefer El Diablo—the devil.
My obsession with the gorgeous Dominic Alvarez will be his demise. I crave the look in his captivating dark eyes while I crush his even darker soul.
I refuse to become like the others; the women whose hearts stop at the sight of him.
Those women lost themselves in the allure and temptation of El Santo before they could feel the danger of El Diablo.
The time for redemption is now.

Seduce them all and make their souls mine.
It’s what I was born to do.
But here comes a cunning little mouse, playing in a snake den.
Aria Jones lives inside the walls of her pretty head. That’s where I need to be—in her head.
Once I glean the secrets behind Aria’s jaded gaze and discover her greatest fears, I’ll collect the little mouse like the others.
Collect, crush, and make her mine forever.

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