Gunnar by Blaire Wilde

Gunnar by Blaire Wilde

On paper, we're rivals. But in reality, she's the prize I hadn't planned for.

When Michaela Stewart storms into my construction empire, she defies every rule I've set.

She's the unexpected obstacle in my path to success, igniting a fire that makes me question my own rules.

I've dominated the toughest business arenas, but she's a challenge unlike any other.

Her fierce spirit, her sharp wit, those curves barely contained by denim – it's a temptation I never saw coming.

Each confrontation, each fiery exchange, fuels a deeper obsession.

She's more than a contractor. She's the fire that's melting the steel of my self-control.

This project was meant to be my legacy, but now, she's the unexpected twist in my master plan.

But shadows from our past loom large, and this project carries risks that could undo everything.

We're not just building a hotel. We’re building our future.

My biggest challenge yet is convincing Michaela she’s mine.

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