Asa’s life had never lacked adventure. Hopping from one exotic locale to another was a part of her job as a treasure hunter. She thought she’d seen everything, until she was kidnapped for the third time…no wait, maybe fourth? Just like the times before, she’d hear out her kidnappers, decide whether she’d take the job and be on her way. Except…this time it wasn’t a job waiting her, but the man she’d been dreaming about for a year.

Xavier was head of a military force that kept demi-gods from overrunning the human population. He handled his job and any trouble facing his family with ruthless precision. During the day, he kept his head down, preventing a war that could destroy the world from breaking out. At night…at night, she was in his dreams, calling to him, tempting him. So he was understandably shocked when that woman walked…or rather, was carried into his office.

As though summoned, Asa walked straight out of Xavier’s dreams and into his worst nightmare. The woman of his dreams, the mate fated for him, was the only thing standing between hell unleashed and the rest of the world. Would fate make him choose the fate of the world over the woman he loved?

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