Jaxon by Blaire Wilde


It started with a spilled coffee and ignited in the boardroom…

I’m Jaxon Owens, the billionaire CEO of Harrison Luxury Jewelry. I'm used to a world of luxury and control.

Enter Zaria Sterling. Passionate, ambitious, and utterly captivating. She's not just an employee; she's a temptation I can't resist.

Her creativity challenges me, her spirit enthralls me, and damn if she doesn't make me crave more than just a casual fling.

But there's a line we can't cross—I'm her boss, and our forbidden romance could cost us everything.

With every stolen kiss, every secret meeting, the stakes soar higher. Late nights, whispered desires—the office walls are our only witnesses.

Yet, when office gossip threatens to expose us, I'm faced with an impossible choice.

Protecting her means letting her go, but the thought of losing her is unbearable.

This secret relationship is the most dangerous game I've ever played. But for Zaria, I'm willing to risk it all.

My only hope is that she can forgive the unforgivable.

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