Letting Him In


“Wounds of the heart heal when you let them. It doesn’t mean you forget. It means you cherish them enough to live on.”- Dr Richard Burns

Before everything went wrong, Gabbie was a confident woman with a future. In a matter of weeks, she lost everything, including herself. After months spent cooped inside the house, it is time to move on. How does anyone move on from the loss of a child?

Gabbie doesn’t know how, but she thinks a trip miles away from home will help heal some part of her.

Spending months looking through a microscope in the university lab has left Dr Richard Burn yearning for sun-soaked years of his youth. When he has a month off, he packs his bags and heads to the next country on his list- Cambodia.

When he comes across a woman with a glittering vibrator and haunted eyes, he wants to be the one who makes her smile. If only she would let him.

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