Levels to Broken


Evie Janelle

Seven years ago, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong man. I was lost and didn’t know it, until destiny led me to “the one.”
From the moment I met Ethan Cross, I turned over my heart and never thought to claim it back, even when I had no choice but to walk away.
And even after years of trying to move on, I couldn’t because letting go is never easy when your soul lies in the past. So I kept dreaming and imaging my way to a fake happiness with someone else.

Ethan Cross

I couldn’t let Evie go. She was in my system. Like a drug, she kept me craving, needing wanting her with all of me. Even as her physical body was nowhere near, her spurt and soul took up residence in my day to day. And when I slept, she made it a point to occupy my dreams.
And now, years later, destiny has brought us back together. The love is still there and stronger than ever. With a million regrets between the two of us, neither one of us can imagine letting go ever again.

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