SERIES SPOTLIGHT: Once Upon A Villain Series Season 1

This week we’re featuring the Once Upon A Villain Series Season 2–a multi-author series.

Villains need love too, right?

Well, that’s what the sorceress, Celeste Dubois, thinks. She’s giving our favorite villains a chance to rewrite their destiny. How they use this gift is up to them. Will our bad guys and girls change for the better? Or will they continue in their wicked ways? Find out when you read the Once Upon A Villain Series.

Are you ready to get wicked?

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BOOK 1: His Beautiful Grimm Reaper


For him, love isn’t an option.

Years ago, he made a deal with a wizard. In exchange for good looks and a charming personality, he gave up the ability to fall in love. To him, love isn’t important. Love makes you weak. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to give it up in order to gain something more important. Now that he’s the most handsome man in town, he wants the most beautiful woman by his side, Isadora. He becomes enraged when she chooses Bastien over him.

No matter how hard he tries, he’s unable to defeat Bastien. However, a second chance comes in the form of a witch by the name of Celeste Dubois. Celeste says a spell that rewinds time and grants him another chance to claim the female he wants. With a new name and new life, Grant Dufort is determined to succeed this time. Unfortunately, his plans go awry when he runs into a devious witch by the name of Addasyn Grimm.

With her, comes chaos.

Addasyn Grimm is nothing like Isadora. For starters, she wants him dead. Plus, she’s a wild beauty who doesn’t follow the rules of society. Worse, she sees past his façade. She can see the real him. The side of him he hates and tries to hide from everyone. Addasyn sees it and she’s not put off by it.

She prefers it over the charming, handsome side everyone else sees. But, there’s nothing gentle about Addasyn. She’s not a damsel in distress who needs him to protect her. Yet, Grant finds himself wanting to do that for her, while all she wants is to right the timeline and end his existence. Though he tries to fight it, he can’t help falling in love with the witch who hates him.
He only has one chance to get things right. Only one chance to live the life he’s always wanted. Will he pursue Isadora and get his revenge against Bastien? Or will he break his deal with the wizard and become a beast to be with Addasyn?

Book 2: Devious Love


Maybe she’s a black widow. Every man she marries turns into a corpse. However, when the chocolate colored soldier walks by, her knees become weak.

Nevertheless, she’s too devious to win him with her charms. A love potion is a must. Will this love last forever, or will she murder him like her last three husbands?

Once a villain, always a villain … right?

Book 3: Wolf’s Bane


What secrets lie beneath the hood?

Villains aren’t bad people; they are just victims of circumstances. Granted, they are usually the ones to create that circumstance, but that is not the point.

Lucius was living the good life. Spending time with his mate as she pranced around in her sexy red hood. Mmmm, he couldn’t wait to get a bite of that luscious little cupcake. Nothing was better than tasting her cream filling.

Then his mate betrayed him.

Next, a dead body turned up, and all fingers were pointing at Lucius for making it that way.

A shiny example of life sticking it to him once again. Waking up in jail, accused of killing his biggest rival, Lucius thought his day couldn’t get much worse until help was offered from his most hated enemy. Before he knew it, he was accepting help from a witch, the last creature on the planet that he trusted. His whole situation just screams shady.

Second chances are a thing of Fairy Tales. Two things Lucius doesn’t believe in, Second Chances and Happily Ever Afters. Now he is being offered both.

And all he has to do was avoid screwing up his second chance, and find a murderer all while convincing his mate to fall in love with him again and not keeping his date with the Woodman’s ax.

Book 4: Ursa Major


He had one dating rule. No mermaids. She’s not going to let that stop her. Will they overcome their assumptions so they can have their happy ending?

Ursula Potts has seen the light and made a switch from vengeful sea witch to an assertive businesswoman.

Almost a century later, Ursula is the number one potions retailer on the East Coast, and it’s time to shed her public persona for another identity. Only the best is good enough for her. So she isn’t exactly falling on the sword helping out an associate by assessing the life event firm, Harvenheit & Jewelrose.

Tristan Harvenheit is the best life event planner in the business and is looking to expand his reach.

Tristan agrees to plan the life event of one Ursula Potts in order to impress the head of Paris in Springtime. Sparks fly at his first meeting with Ursula—and not all of them are the sexy kind. However, circumstances change when he finds himself on a blind date at the most important social event of the year with none other than the obstacle in his path—Ursula.

It’s sink or swim. The two need each other to accomplish their goals. Will they come together or will they both lose out on a sexy second chance?

Book 5: Tis The Season For Villains


The villains are back and they’re ready to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones.

Unfortunately, even when they try to be good, someone or something always comes along and triggers their wicked side. This holiday season, will our villains remain on the path of good? Or will they take a detour and revisit their old villainous ways?

Find out in, ‘Tis The Season For Villains.

Let’s get wicked!

Book 6: All That Glitters


Ryan Gold has spent centuries as a magical broker. If you want it, and can pay, he can acquire it. That is, until he’s charged with teaching a reluctant witch how to harness her magic.

Kalina Benton is a witch with no desire to be one. After being used as a magical battery, she would never wanted to use her magic again. But after meeting Ryan, she is dragged into a world full of myths and legends.

Secrets long buried come to light as they are forced to deal with witch hunters, demons and curses. But will the pressure break them both? Or can true love ultimately prevail?

Book 7: Heart Of The Hun


Forever the villain.

Men speak of Shan Yu in hushed, fearful whispers under the cloak of night. Rightfully, his reputation proceeds him as the cold and fearless leader of the mighty Hun that bows to no man. Time has hardened the heart of this ruthless killer, and nothing matters more than the power and glory of his quest to conquer China.

No mercy – that is the only law that Shan Yu upholds. Until one fateful day, when his life hangs in the balance and a powerful sorceress gifts our brooding warrior with a chance to rewrite his destiny and reunite with the only woman that can capture the dark heart of the Hun.

Book 8: Untangled


Bullied in her youth for being ugly, Gugu Brown is obsessed with beauty. Now, the queen of the cosmetics industry, she is a notorious boss that no one wants to cross. Gugu is living her best life, but she has a secret that could topple her empire.

Sin Maddox is enamored with Gugu and is determined to make her his. There’s just one problem. Sin is deceased and resides in hell. Their love is forbidden, but he refuses to abide by the rules.

Gugu is given a second chance to do things the right way and claim the love of her life. Will she be able to change her villainous ways and claim the Happily Ever After she craves? Find out in Untangled and discover that pretty hurts, but love heals.

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Once Upon a Villain Series Spotlight FB
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