Riding Dirty


A biker bad boy. A waitress. One never ending dirty ride.

Some dudes just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Sent to cool his heel in Jamaica from causing trouble in his rather tame Motorcycle Club, Adam a/k/a ‘Breaker Ace’ lands up in jail the first day on the island of Jamaica. It seems that trouble was made for Breaker as he can’t resist defending a pretty woman. Trouble is, a jealous boyfriend isn’t someone you want to mess with … well maybe the exception is Breaker.

While some girls keep the jail birds at bay, some women can’t get enough of the bad boys. And Breaker is just that – bad to the bone.

Stealing might be considered a transgression by most people. However, Breaker doesn’t mind breaking the rules when it comes to stealing another man’s woman, especially one who gives him the best ride of his life.

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