Roulette: A Strong Woman Medical Romance


His scorching kiss is the Las Vegas tornado that turned her life upside down and might make her believe in soulmates . . . if the sexual tension doesn't kill her first.

Kyra Washington has always prided on order. For her, working as a nurse in the busy neonatal unit at MetroGeneral Hospital, order saves lives. The most chaos she ever tolerates is her football team’s perpetual losing record. On a whim, she agrees to meet another super-fan from a message board on a girl's trip to Vegas.

Ryan Yates thrives on pressure and craziness. An ER doctor who embodies all things adrenaline in the emergency room, he's used to making bold decisive decisions. Too bad his favorite football team can't show any of the same skills. However, his ADHD brain tells him Kyra is his soulmate from the second they meet, and he's all in.

Now he has to convince her he's the ONE, especially since their sizzling attraction is building to a crescendo in the hallways of MetroGen . . .

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