Salt Shaker


Roman Scarponi
“Like it? I’ll let you taste it,” she purred in my ear. WTF? This woman has no idea she’s tempting a savage. Now that she has my attention—now that I have her scent—I want more than one taste. It would have been best for her to never know a man like me exists, but she will.

Nesa Dumont
My rules for dating are simple. Never utter the “L” word. Never get attached. It’s my birthday but my new boy toy canceled our date. I envisioned a wild weekend for two… and nothing as changed. I have every intention of finding a man to unwrap me like the gift I am. There’s no shame in shaking what my mama gave me to get who I want. I’m on the hunt, but this time I might be prey for a mafioso.

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