Secret Devotion


A love so pure, it’s lasted more than twenty years. 

Tanner Scott and Chantell Warren fought to keep their love alive, even while hiding their relationship from the world around them. The love they felt for each other grew into something undeniable, even if no one else knew. After so many secrets and lies, their relationship has begun to fray. The bonds are being tested, stretched, and torn. Long-held secrets are bubbling up to the surface, raising ugly doubts and difficult questions about the strength of their love. 

Tanner loved Chantell more than words could say. He would gladly tell the world, shouting it from the rooftops, if only his father hadn’t threatened to cut him out of his inheritance. He’d allowed greed, and his own fear, to force him into doing something shameful.

Chantell would give everything she had to be at Tanner’s side. If only her parents weren’t so disappointed in her life choices, especially her acceptance of being hidden away. No woman should be placed in this situation.

How can Tanner and Chantell survive a lifetime together, when they’re unable to see their way past the outside world threatening to tear them apart?

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