Someone to Watch Over Me


Mhelanie “Mhel” Hart is a military nurse who has experienced her fair share of pain and heartaches. After being brutally gang-raped in college, she turned into herself becoming more and more withdrawn from social interactions. Now that her best friend, Caitlyn Cabini, has remarried and has a new life, Mhel is looking at life a little different. After being rescued by the charming and handsome Carlos Milos, she begins to have feelings that not only scare her, but makes her wonder if she can ever trust her heart again. It doesn’t help that Carlos has made it his personal mission to break down all her barriers. Will he succeed or will Mhel revert to her old self at the first sign of trouble? This is follows the story of Mhel and Carlos, but of course Caitlyn, Cullen and the gang are also along for the ride for more their antics, craziness and steamy moments.

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