Spring Blossoms


When the one you love to hate is the one…

Believing that lasting love is damn near impossible, the fiercely independent Spring Locke has always preferred sex without complications over commitment. Considered the wild, irresponsible, and selfish one in her family, in her career she is the complete opposite. As a human resources specialist, Spring is dedicated and destined for promotion until there is a merger and she is forced to adjust to a new supervisor. From their very first meeting, Miles Davenport is infuriating, arrogant, demanding, uptight and so not her type. Yet Spring finds herself insanely attracted to her single, handsome, and aloof boss. Confident in her ability to get any man she wants Miles becomes her challenge. When he finally succumbs to Spring’s irresistibly tempting charms, she is unprepared for the deep, emotional connection that Miles evokes within her and the love he expects from her. And for once Spring wants to give a man her all. Except she has unshared truths from her past that threaten the very love that she now desires. 

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