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By Black Love Books | May 23, 2022

Since aging out of the foster care system and becoming a nurse, all I dreamed of was marrying a nice doctor and moving to a […]

Finding Love in Italy

By Black Love Books | May 16, 2022

I’m all for glass slippers, lovable beasts, and a prince riding a stallion. But never have I ever read the story about falling for my […]

More Than Friends

By Black Love Books | May 6, 2022

Would they risk a great friendship for love? Imani James, a beautiful, black grad student, wasn’t looking for love but she discovers that Mr. Right […]

With A Bite and a Howl

By Black Love Books | March 28, 2022

Basil Atkins’ once normal way of life gets upturned in what feels like a second. Not only does she discover that one of her fathers […]

Forbidden Promises

By Black Love Books | March 25, 2022

Get in and get out. That was India Robidoux’s plan for this family visit. But when her brother needs her help with his high-profile political […]

The Last Chance

By Black Love Books | March 24, 2022

Will their secrets last longer than the marriage? Saafir and Sameerah have a secret. They’re married! But they haven’t told anyone. Sameerah’s a widow who […]

Genre Spotlight: BWWM, IR, and Multicultural Romance

By Black Love Books | March 12, 2022

This is our¬†Genre Spotlight Special Edition. All of our books fall in the romance genre but the subgenres vary greatly. This new addition to the […]

HAN: Her Ruthless Mistake

By Black Love Books | March 11, 2022

This ruthless crimelord’s kindness comes with a price. Possession. Complete and utter. JAZZ: I’m a determined dreamer–at least I used to be. I put all […]

Between Love & Lust

By Black Love Books | March 7, 2022

Aiden and Ethan Ashford are brothers and great friends. They always share everything, including women. While one avoids serious relationships, the other is a romantic. […]

Spies Never Swoon

By Black Love Books | February 23, 2022

Anna doesn’t care if the prince is charming. She just needs to keep him alive. Agent Anna Rivers is no stranger to sabotage, mysterious attacks, […]

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