The Boyfriend Experience


A business trip. A cruise ship. An experience that leaves her wishing he was her boyfriend.

Sabrina Rogers is the ultimate power house. She’s young, beautiful, and the CEO of a major marketing firm. Through all her hard work, she’s acquired everything she’s ever wanted and doesn’t need anyone. That is until she meets Jackson Mitchells, an arrogant, and successful investor.

Sabrina shows no interest in Jackson’s cocky demeanor, but when he steps in to save her from an embarrassing encounter with her prick of an ex, she finds herself thrusted into a world-wind affair of lies and a steamy new connection.

Stuck on a ship for a week, Sabrina is forced to pretend that her relationship with Jackson is more than what it is, more than what she wants it to be.

Will their lies lead them towards a lasting love affair? Or just an experience to remember?

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