SERIES SPOTLIGHT: The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles by Casandra Charles

This week we’re featuring The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles by author Casandra Charles.


The series is available in Kindle Unlimited. 


The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles is a six-part fictional series of books starring a number of characters that impact JR’s life. Old love, new love, lies, secrets and everything in between, over this series you will learn all about the truth behind the drama and haters in her life. Will this make or break JR? Readers will read the rise and fall of an independent woman.

Book 1: (Lust and Lies) is just the beginning as JR tries to find balance in her life; however, finding a happy balance is never easy, especially when it’s full of lust and lies.

Book 2: (Secrets Revealed) takes the readers back into the past as JR understands and obtains a better understanding of who and why she is who she is.

Book 3: (Pillow Talk) There are three sides to every story, her side, his side and the truth, as the men of the JRC tell all. Pillow Talk is a different twist as the men of the JRC have their voices.

Book 4: (Too Good To Be True?) Just when JR thinks life is great, she gets hit with a twist that will turn her life upside down, but will she stay trapped in this unwelcome stage in her life?

Book 5: (Pillow Talk 2) The truth always come to light as Mike and Mary shares their twisted love affair. Can a relationship make it on broken foundation?

Book 6: (Tinder Love and Care) (forthcoming). In the final book of the Jamie Reynolds Chronicles, JR tries to rise above and reclaim her independence and her sanity as she reflects, and learns to love again but not without the occasional twists and turns life has to offer.

BOOK 1: Lust and Lies


JR was young, single, making money, enjoying life and on top of her game as a successful event manager in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from Clark Atlanta University, she focused most of her life on her career, driven by the need to prove herself while working in a men’s field. Atlanta was all about keeping up with the Joneses, and JR knew just how to do it. After seven years in Atlanta, she abruptly moved back to New York to be with her family when her dad had a near-death experience. During her move, she met Toni, a single, blue-collar, strong-minded guy who quickly swept her off her feet with his lies.

Love was never on her mind, but Toni was different (she thought), and just as JR was coming to terms with the idea of Toni being in her life, she remained torn between him and her past in Atlanta. A past that included David, her on-again, off-again lover who was everything JR wanted in a man: well-educated with a successful career, good looks, and the drive to want more of everything that Toni didn’t have. However, even after two years of dating, their relationship was like oil and water: they just didn’t mix. As Toni’s real personality was revealed, David looked more and more like the safe place for JR. When her current situation started to heat up, JR began wishing she had her old life back.

Book 2: Secrets Revealed…The Beginning


This new JR was nothing like her old self as she slowly regretted stepping outside of her comfort zone to let her guard down with Toni, and quickly understood why she had it up in the first place.

JR was once a strong, independent woman, but now she couldn’t even look herself in the mirror without falling apart. After years of lies and now emotional abuse from Toni, who refused to let her go, she just couldn’t hold it all in, and finally her emotions started to get the best of her. JR tried to drink her problems away, which only made things worse, as she truly lost her direction.

JR didn’t have many friends and was so embarrassed at her life’s direction she tried to pretend she was okay, but her true friends knew better. This included David, her past lover, but things just weren’t the same between them. Then her life unexpectedly came crashing down after her friendship with Terry took a turn for the worse. One by one JR not only lost her old friends, but she also lost her way, which led JR to seek help.

Jenny was JR’s saving grace, and after diving deep into her past, she finally began to uncover the hidden secrets of the real JR. Secrets even JR hid from herself. As Jenny encouraged JR to let her guard down yet again and explore dating, she met Mike, a twenty-five-year-old young professional who was nothing like Toni or David. He was educated, had a thriving career, and truly supported JR even after watching the drama unfold between Toni and her, but he never ran, and JR appreciated his strength.

Book 3: Pillow Talk


There are three sides to every story, her side, his side and the truth, as the men of the Jamie Reynolds Chronicles tell all. Jamie Reynolds, aka JR, takes center stage of her own reality as she becomes the focal point of David, her on-again, off again lover who was everything JR wanted in a man, yet their relationship was like oil and water—they just didn’t mix. Blue, JR’s first and only friend with benefits, thought he was okay with his role of friend and convenient lover, but ultimately the friendship always outshone his need for something more. Robert, aka Rob, who didn’t see anything wrong with having his cake and eating it too as he tried to juggle Maria (his fiancée), JR (his girlfriend) and multiple other women.

Terry, JR’s play brother, wanted to do more than just play. Toni, JR’s blue-collar and now petty and bitter ex, vowed to make JR life miserable at any cost. Wes, JR’s first high school love, had to take a backseat as JR grew up and moved on with a successful life as he still ran the streets, wishing he had JR back again. And Mike, a younger man who stole JR’s heart, struggled with growing up as he battled the thoughts in his head and the passion in his heart.

Book 4: Too Good To Be True?


Some say it’s better to have loved and lost than not to love at all? But when love can cost you your peace of mind, you wonder if it is all worth it in the end. Just as Jamie Reynolds, aka JR, feels as if life is as perfect as it can be—new home, good friends, good job, amazing man, and money in the bank—she comes to notice it is just Too Good To Be True as one by one she unravels the truths behind this so-called Perfect Life.

No one saw it coming, including JR. She knows no relationship is perfect as she struggles to keep herself together and slowly realizes it’s all full of lies, and it’s becoming a battle she may not be able to win as she gets hit with unexpected twist after twist that will turn her world upside down.

Love, or the lack of it, can make people do stupid things, as JR tries to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for this phase in her life, but the aftermath of her new reality may drive her back to an old fling just to feel loved again. But is this what JR truly wants and needs right now in her life?

Book 5: Pillow Talk 2


In book two, Secrets Revealed, and book three, Pillow Talk, you meet Mike, a younger man who stole JR’s heart. He struggled with growing up as he battled the thoughts in his head and the passion in his heart for JR. Fast-forward a few years later, Mike now faces the biggest decision of his life as he stumbles to find inner peace after he meets Mary.

Mary is seven years older than Mike, and she was just looking for a good time, but then she met Mike, and her world is turned upside down as she hides a passionate secret that may end the life she worked so hard to deceive Mike into believing.

They say karma’s a b– but when your relationship is built from Pillow Talk, they will have to live with their past, present and future selves, as both Mike and Mary battle decisions that can change their lives forever, but was it all just too good to be true?

Mike and Mary both will have to make permanent decisions from their short-term feelings for one another, but can this twisted love affair be a solid relationship built from a broken foundation based on lust and lies as secrets are revealed in the Mike and Mary saga.

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Follow Casandra Charles

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, with parents from Trinidad and Tobago, Casandra Charles graduated college with a BA degree in Mass Media Arts at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA, where she resided for many years and now has her master’s degree in Adult Education.

Casandra always wanted to write a book but hesitated for many years, as she suffers from adult dyslexia. She never allowed her disability to hold her back on anything, and she finally completed her first book, Jamie Reynolds Chronicles: Lust and Lies, in 2015, Secrets Revealed in 2016, Pillow Talk in spring 2018, and now Too Good To Be True in fall 2018.

She is the successful owner of Smell the Sunset, LLC, which is an umbrella company for Creative Encores, LLC, an event planning business, and What’s Good USA, a Good News website that highlights good news from around the United States, and now her newest adventure, author.

Casandra loves to travel and explore and has a bucket list of places to visit a mile long as she slowly begins to check off a new destination every few months. She lives by many mottos, but her favorite one is “Live Laugh Love,” which is also tattooed on her left arm to remind her every day to Live today, Laugh often and Love always.

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