Trained by the Bratva Prince


"Marry him or die. Your choice."

After Jessalyn Hernandez witnesses a brutal murder, she has two terrible choices. She is a survivor. But will she survive this? Especially when he learns about her family's police background. He calls her his little dove. But he will learn that this dove has talons and will rip his bloody heart from his body.

Sanyet Ismailov, doesn't leave witnesses. But when his new sister-in-law begs for the life of her friend, he marries her instead of murdering her. An easy choice since the curvy, shy, Afro-Latina has haunted him from day one. He only needs two things from her, her body and her honesty. He'll take one, but will she give him the other? He doubts it. She's hiding something and he knows it.

Time is running out and if he can't trust her, then he'll be the one to make a terrible choice.

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