SERIES SPOTLIGHT: Turns in Love Series by Renee A. Moses

Long, unfulfilling relationships, lies, betrayal, and the chance to make things right all in one series. Turns in Love takes you on a ride as Kimberly Duncan attempts to be better to herself, but makes her fair share of mistakes along the way. Life’s turns can break you down or build you up. We have the choice on which we’d allow. Find out how Kim’s turns changed her life as well as those around her.

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BOOK 1: Two Lefts, One Right


Kimberly Duncan has been with Trent for almost eight years and all she has to show for it is an unresolved resentment from their rocky, infidelity-stained past. Yet, when he asked her to marry him, she accepted.

Her plans to shack up with her future husband causes issues with her family, especially her next-level, judgmental mother. Everyone thinks their opinions matter to Kim, but she will do what she feels is right.

Trenton Marks knows how lucky he is with a woman like Kim, but he doesn’t always act like it. Whenever he doesn’t feel heard, all bets are off.

With interference from the constant secret-spilling betrayal by their two best friends (who happen to be married to each other), Kim’s family, and Trent’s past, can they beat the odds stacked up against them and make this thing work?

Book 2: Making a Hard Right


Kimberly Duncan wants a clean slate from a bad relationship and even worse choices as of late. Her lonely aunt who lives in California is more than excited to help Kim along the way. Before any real work begins, Kim’s aunt plans to travel to different places around the world with her.

Their plans are cut short when Kim finds out that she isn’t quite done with her recent past. She’s pregnant.

The father of her unborn child is back in Houston and in a relationship that she doesn’t want to come between. To avoid the judgment of her mother, she hides her pregnancy until her daughter is born.

Kim will visit Houston with her baby girl hoping she doesn’t run into the very person she was running from: her daughter’s father.

Doing the right thing will be too hard for Kim even with the pressure from everyone she loves. Secrets rarely stay secrets for long. When hers are out, whose life will it change forever?

Book 3: Straightaway


With a new love and fighting for real love, both Kim and Brian are moving straight ahead trying to avoid the obstacles between them and the finish line to their happily ever after.

Will there be too much wreckage from the choices they’ve made? Can they find their way to the lives they truly want?

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