Undislosed 3


For there to be betrayal there must first be trust.

Amina Viera is a woman trapped between two worlds. Rocked by the loss of her father, her one and only mission is to bring down those responsible. In the name of justice, Amina weaves together a maze of sex, lies and deceit, getting her closer to her goal but deeper in the game.

And the only thing she has to lose is herself.

Lost in the world of money, drugs and murder, Amina’s deep cover lands her in the middle of the largest drug cartel in the South. Between being tortured to kidnapped, Amina’s double life is catching up to her fast.

Amina’s on the run and out of options. It’s either kill or be killed. But when past lovers become enemies, and former adversaries become allies, there’s only one problem, who can she trust?

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