Die for You


We Mackenzie’s are henchmen. The whole lot of us. Until I met her . . .



In Clan MacKenzie, we fight for each other.

We die for each other.

And when I fell for Chevelle, those same rules applied to her.

She loves me, but hates the family business.

So, I hid the villain in me until today.

Today, I need to do what must be done and that requires the help of the same people she would rather us keep our distance from.



After tragedy destroyed my family, I should’ve run from all things MacKenzie not straight into Leith Mackenzie’s arms.

I was broken.

He remade me.

Loved me and our little baby.

Showed me that monsters could be humans and have hearts too.

That he could be different than the rest of his ruthless clan.

Unfortunately, now, Leith can’t be the hero for me that he was before.

He needs be that Savage Scot instead, and I’m afraid it’ll cost us everything.

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