She fell for him in Denver. But that’s only part of who he is.

Interior designer, Noel Livingston, continues her quest to expand her business relationship with business mogul, Nicholas St. Clair, a relationship that began in Denver, Colorado. When she travels to Las Vegas, Noel learns there is much more to Nicholas than meets the eye. His lifestyle is dangerous and risky and intriguing. He is a mafioso.

Accepting new things is hard for Noel. Accepting this part of who Nick is, is even harder. Yet, there’s a fiery spark between them, a passionate, sexual tension that neither can deny. His presence is compelling and unrelenting, and Noel finds it hard to resist the pull on her heart. Nicholas fights for what he believes in and fiercely protects the ones he loves. He has staked his claim on Noel and marked her as his own. Nicholas will not be denied.

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