All I’ve ever cared about was being the type of man that God has called me to be, and having a woman in my life who will love me unconditionally.

Then I Found her.

She’s the prettiest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, and the fact that she has those two darling little girls is enough to make me stake claim on all three of them.

Now, she thinks her full-figured body, and the nut she used to be married to, is enough to run me away. What she doesn’t understand is I love me a woman who I have to use every ounce of my strength to hold onto and I’m trained and equipped for any fight…spiritual or physical.

In my mind, you ain’t a lady if you aren’t at least one-eighty and when you snooze, you lose.

I’m okay with her hiding behind her feelings to keep me from loving every ounce of her, but what I’m not doing is going anywhere.

She can teach as much Sunday school as she likes and go to every service she can find between Keatchie and Frierson, but I’ll be waiting until she understands that whether willingly or by chance, I’m a part of her life that isn’t afraid to love all of her, and I’m not going anywhere because she’s been Found.

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