Take a Bullet for You


These hands were made for taking women to heaven and condemning my enemies straight to hell . . .

I’ll die for me clan.
Though, I never met a woman worth a single bullet—until I set eyes on Justice Flowers.
Every delicious curve on her body should be mine to manipulate. She refuses to yield.
Justice’s in trouble, but won’t ask for clan protection.
I give it anyway.
She’ll soon realize, I’m collecting her as payment.
Until I’ve satisfied this addiction.

I’m living for me now.
After years of celibacy, I’ll take a chance on a man who penetrates my intellect—someone selfless, not ruthless.
Although Brody MacKenzie’s tropical blue eyes pierce through me, the rest of him is rugged, deadly.
Brody paid my debt without my consent.
I never intended to trade in a lunatic, to be chained to the devil.
He’ll realize that I won’t submit.
And I never will.

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