Too Afraid To Love You


Temple Harris was born the only girl child to her parents. She has two older brothers but quickly grows into the apple of her father’s eye. When she is offered an opportunity to further her career as a major marketing exec for a fortune 500 company owned by Apryl Simmons, Temple jumps at the chance. Everything looks wonderful except the fact that she will have to move over two thousand miles away. Temple is very capable of making her own decisions. However, making the move without both of her parent’s blessings proves to be the hardest part.

Once Temple’s brothers and mother convince their father that it is time for her to spread her wings, they all take the flight to California to get her settled in. It’s been two years since she landed in the sunny land of California. And her California dreams have absolutely come true.

Apryl Simmons pitches a dream to join forces with successful business mogul, Cairo Evans, in order to become a force to be reckoned with in the growing world of Urban Housing Development, but Cairo isn’t exactly going for the idea.

In the last five years, Cairo Evans has used his business savvy and tactics to put himself in a position to be recognized as a contender for millionaire status in the world of construction. He has no interest in joining into a partnership with Apryl Simmons in this housing project or any other because he has seen such negative numbers in that market over the last several years.

At the persistent urging of his assistant Stephanie, he agrees to go out for a cordial dinner with Apryl Simmons for the publicity. Stephanie hopes that Cairo will begin to see that she is worthy of more than just being his assistant. She doesn’t bank on Temple Harris being the one to facilitate the partnership. The word in the business world had always been that Cairo Evans could be a hard shell to crack.

Will Temple be able to speak his language? Will Cairo send her back to her hometown with her tail tucked between her legs because she allows her ex to distract her. Or will she show the people who doubted her that she has what it takes to stand next to the likes of Apryl Simmons and Cairo Evans as she comes up?

Will Cairo keep his promise to his mother that he will change his ways by allowing himself some pleasure in life? Or will he continue to conduct everything like business as usual and play every card in life at a distance?

Stephanie is trying hard to get his attention, but will she fail because he doesn’t see her potential because someone else is standing in the way?

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