Love Me Again


Everyone knows the hardest thing to do is stay in the place where you’ve been hurt the most. And Jade does what so many of us do, run. She left Louisiana with hopes of healing her heart, but she soon realizes pieces of her heart was left in the place she abandoned.

Jasper Booth Jr. has never stopped loving Jade, but he’s no longer waiting on her to make up her mind to come home. Hopefully, a letter from an attorney will get her back to Louisiana, where she belongs.

Jessica Booth is planning the event of the century right on the field of one of Shreveport’s most phenomenal schools. She’s not only ushering in help for the children of a prominent hospital, but she also ushered in an atmosphere of love for her children.
If you know anything about the people and families of Louisiana, you know they love easy, eat good food, and party hard. See, what happens in Love Me Again, because you just may find yourself longing to have yourself A Louisiana Christmas.

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